Business model

    Novozymes envisions a future where our biological solutions create the necessary balance between better business, cleaner environment and better lives. To deliver on our commitment to continuously improve our financial, environmental and social performance, we center our business on what we do best – deliver innovation.


    With an estimated 48% of the global enzyme market in 2013, Novozymes has strengthened its position as the world’s leading producer of industrial enzymes.


    Novozymes is a business-to-business company that provides biological solutions for a wide variety of industries and markets. Together with its customers, Novozymes aims to drive the world toward sustainability by making better use of natural resources to meet the world’s needs for food, feed, fuel and other consumables. The company’s business model is designed not only to deliver sustainable earnings growth to shareholders, but also to continuously seek improvements that benefit both society and the environment.

    Focus on innovation, customers and sustainability

    Novozymes operates in numerous markets and employs various go-to-market strategies for each of its industries, but there are three ever-present themes in its business model: innovation, customers and sustainability. The company’s biotechnological platform is founded on its extensive knowledge and expertise within enzymes and microorganisms, and over 20% of the workforce, or around 1,400 employees, work with research and development. The company’s ability to improve nature’s own technology is the point at which each of its biosolutions starts.

    “Our focus on sustainability gives us a competitive advantage as more consumers look for sustainability as a differentiator.”

    Sustainability is an integrated part of Novozymes’ business model and is implemented across the business value chain. An inherent part of our biosolutions, sustainability is also considered in the context of production and implementation, agreements with suppliers, and customers’ application of our products and their impact on society. Our focus on sustainability gives us a competitive advantage as more consumers look for sustainability as a differentiator.

    Working to deliver more significant innovation to the market, Novozymes teams up strategically with customers and other partners to pinpoint market needs and create the technology to address these needs. Whether the company acts solely as a supplier or works together in partnerships, its primary focus is to develop and deliver significant innovation to the market.



    Inspired by Mother Nature and the needs of the planet and customers, Novozymes uses its world-class biotechnology platform, based on enzymes and microorganisms, to deliver bioinnovation that not only creates sustainable earnings growth for shareholders, but also brings the world closer to better business, cleaner environment and better lives.